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Aerospace Applications

Aerospace manufacturers have always been leaders in manufacturing innovation, including metal AM. Additive processes let aircraft designers reduce part weight for even the most complex parts, while maximizing material use and cost efficiencies. And, with machines like the DMP Factory 500, shops are able to build larger parts than ever before.

Energy Applications

In view of current global trends, it is easy to see that the demand for electricity is sharply increasing. To support this growth, it is important to be able to rely on a reliable and on-demand source of energy. One of the key solutions is the use of industrial gas turbines that allow for flexible energy production complementing renewables sources. It is therefore important to continuously increase, not only the performance of the turbines but also to optimize the manufacturing process.


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At Centers of Competence around the world and the AMotion Center in Stabio, Switzerland, GF Machining Solutions’ additive experts are available to help with your toughest application challenges.

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